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    Hi everyone! Fiancรฉ and I will be heading down to Palm Springs next weekend, any advice or tips? ๐Ÿ™‚ first time doing anything like this.

    • Izzy!

      You will have a GREAT time. Don’t be nervous – she’d your duds and jump in the pool and say “Hi” to someone. The friendlinest place on earth. Just like to watch? That’s ok. No means no, no body shaming (I am a “large” guy and love this place.) Bring sunscreen and a hat! Spa comes around to take dinner orders from a decent place around 4:30-5:00 and they will take orders from a good pizza place any time.

      We’ll be there 6-7

      • Izzy replied 1 year ago

        Awesome! We are looking forward to it! Thank you for the advice and information about food, I love pizza as well haha how about adult beverages? How does that work?

        • Forgot to mention that! It’s basically BYOB, although on weekends, SMI usually comes around with margaritas. Bring a cooler, or there’s an outdoor fridge (bring a bag with your name). Plenty of ice and free coke soft drinks in the office (so just bring your Rum lol). Lots of people bring larger bottles of everything to share (you haven’t tasted Tequila until you’ve licked it off the nipple of a girl – or guy! – you’ve just met! Bring what you enjoy but remember the nights are hot and long, so drink responsibly, especially in the afternoon hahaha. Small 8 oz cups are available in the office, so bring your red Solo cups if you want anything larger ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Izzy replied 1 year ago

            Sweet!!! Super stoked! We feel better prepared! If you think of anything else we should bring or prepare for, let us know.

            • Just remember that everyone is there for the same reason, and just be friendly! See someone you like? Go say hi! This is WAY less stressful than trying to meet people in a bar or something like that. Saturday nights are crazy in the disco, and the hot tub is fun any night! Weekdays (and even Sundays) can be quiet, with only a small number of couples, so if you just want to relax naked with your lover come on a Sun – Thurs.

              Light snacks are available 24 hrs/day, with more substantial foods at breakfast, lunch and dinner time (hot dogs, fried chicken, etc.

              I love the early mornings for pure tanning time, then the afternoons and evenings for fun-time ๐Ÿ™‚
              Staff are awesome and will answer any questions you may have.
              I meant in my previous message that we’ll be coming Fri/Sat Aug 6-7…

    • How was your visit?