• Yess&Ron ? posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    We have been so focused so much with work but we are definitely looking forward to New Year’s Eve. Hope everyone will be wearing their sexy lingerie because we will be there ready for the next step

    • We’ve been there for Halloween which is another big costume/lingerie weekend. You’ll have a great time, I’m sure! If you’re truly looking for your first great experience, and you see someone or some people that you’re interested in getting to know better, just walk or swim up and say hi – everyone we’ve met has been SO friendly! You can always walk away if nothing “clicks” – no one will be offended. We’re envious of you being able tp go on New Years – what an awesome place to party! Please post your experience that night – woukd love to hear it!

      Just read that Vegas is closed for now – so sad. Hope that Dewey will be able to reopen in just a few months. Vaccinations on the way soon!

      • Thank you I hope they don’t close Palm Desert.

        • I haven’t spoken to SMI management, but I believe they are licensed in Las Vegas as a “place of worship”, and as of Nov 22, the State of Nevada has limited occupancy to 25%. I’m thinking it wasn’t cost-effective to stay open based on that.

          There aren’t any such restrictions in California for the Desert Hot Springs location as far as I know. And SMI DHS is licensed differently than Vegas.

          So enjoy New Years! Next year can’t be anything but better than 2020, right?